New DAB Radio Products

The palace of turnkey styles where DAB radios wholesalers, retailers and brand owners find the most expeditious way to breakthrough.

Dab home radios manufacturer

Internet radios with Bluetooth

Internet DAB radios Manufacturers

Internet radios with CD player

Hotel bedside alarm clock radio

Hotel Alarm Clock Radios

Wireless chargeable Radios

DAB Wooden Rechargeable Radio

dab radio portable

DAB Personnal Radios

DAB pocket radios

DAB  Pocket Radios

Sound Card

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FM Radios

All-in-one Mutifunction Audio Player

FM AM SW World Band Receiver

FM Radio

FM and AM Radio

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The Develop ability

The Radio and Audio Products been developed in-house. we equiped by SMT, Injection Machine, can save and controll the key factor Process.

Device Electronic Layout

We Creat Part Drawing according to Customer’s Design or Draft.

PCB Board Design

SMT Process inspection

SMT Machine

Make Prototype

Testing Fixture