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Dabsat is a DAB radios Manufacturers in china, was established in December 2008 year. Found by James.Chen; Already in FM radio arround over 10years, according to Radio developing, now we are develop various DAB and DAB plus digital radio products.

As a DAB Radio manufacturers and suppliers, specialized in DAB Digtial radio products design and manufacturing, including hi-fi loudspeaker; home theater system; audio amplifier CD player;AM/FM radio;Wi-FI audio products etc;

New DAB Radio Products

The palace of turnkey styles where DAB radios wholesalers, retailers and brand owners find the most expeditious way to breakthrough.

Dab home radios manufacturer

Internet radios with Bluetooth

Internet DAB radios Manufacturers

Internet radios with CD player

Hotel bedside alarm clock radio

Hotel Alarm Clock Radios

Wireless chargeable Radios

DAB Wooden Rechargeable Radio

dab radio portable

DAB Personnal Radios

DAB pocket radios

DAB  Pocket Radios

Sound Card

Find no preferred styles? We have more choices for you. Get in touch for more styles.

FM Radios

All-in-one Mutifunction Audio Player

FM AM SW World Band Receiver

FM Radio

FM and AM Radio

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Master Your DAB Radios

Never Mind even if you don’t have any experience in DAB Radios designing, we offer design service for you. we are your partner, as well as your guidance.


You have the final say of Device Modules provider. we work close with Frontier, Silicon Labs.


Focus on sound performace, Provide higher quality sound enjoy will be our target.


Different sizes and materials of Wooden Cabinet are available.


Multi-function, Can be customize by customer,we satisfy your preferences.

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Commitment to DAB Radios-making

Offering products of best quality for what the clients paid is the pillar on which Dabsat still stands today.

Flawless Home Radios account from rigid quality management system. Dabsat has been taking a lead to discover the charm of building DAB Radios.

Why Choose US?

Dabsat is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalising their Product experiences, to providing an innovative Products, and to making a difference.

In the 20 years of radio manufacturing experience, we have accumulated a variety of high-quality supply chains, enabling us to obtain high-quality and low-cost radio components, allowing customers to obtain high quality, low price and develop new products.

Develop digital radios to replace traditional FM radios, adapt to market changes, and gain new profit points with new digital radios.in-house molding and plastic injection, will make the product cost down to our customer.

The Honor We Achieved

The Certification of Quality Management System been achieved on the Year 2012. Quality accomplish is our constant working aim. and Leading technology on audio products keeps our company growth year by year.

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